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At SAW Lumber, you don't have to be a contractor to get high quality, low priced wholesale lumber. We are conveniently located in San Antonio, and we cater to the local construction, fencing, and decking companies that make up a large part of our business family. However, we also ship wholesale lumber nationwide, making our quality, competitively priced lumber available to everyone across the country.

Not only do we sell wood wholesale, we also offer a complete line of decks, decking, and hardwood building materials. We will ship your order to your home or business, promptly and efficiently. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is well-trained, and can assist you with your lumber order. You can feel free to tell us with details about your project, and we will help you find the best wood, decking, or fencing material to get the job done right, no matter what part of country you live in.

SAW Lumber has been serving Central Texas since 1990. Over the last 20+ years we've developed our business to better accommodate our Texas customers, providing them quality wholesale priced wood. We know our wood products backwards and forward, and we can help you select the perfect materials for your job. Our Number One priority is customer satisfaction, and you will find that everyone who works for our lumber company is just downright helpful.

Our Specialty - Offering a Wide Selection of Lumber at Great Prices

There is no way to list all of the quality lumber products we offer on this page. However, you can peruse our website and get an idea of what lumber products might work for you. When you need more specific information simply contact us and we will help you with your selection. No matter what you choose, we always sell our lumber wholesale priced. The following is just a sampling of the hardwood lumber products we offer.

While this in only part of our vast selection of lumber wholesale priced, it gives you an idea of the wide selection of exotic materials we make available to the public. You can bring elegance and sophistication to any home, across the country, by choosing from our large lumber selection. Whether you're building a new fence, a barbeque pit, or that pool you've always wanted, we have something that will suit your needs.

We also provide plastic decking and wood to our customers from the best names in the business. These include Premier, AmeraDeck Decking , Eon Decking , Latitudes Decking , Guardeck Decking, and many others. If you need wholesale lumber prices, then you've obviously come to the right place. We are ready to help you make your construction dreams a reality.

Exploring Your Lumber Options
Different kinds of wood products have different properties. Some varieties of wood might be more durable, while another might be easier to use. We believe that the lumber selection we offer matters, because you want the product that's best for your job or project. Whether you're building simple flower boxes, or a 1000 square foot outdoor deck, you want to make sure that the wood you're using will hold up over time, and be easy to use. What follows is some basic information on a few of our lumber products, and remember, we sell all of our lumber wholesale priced.

Ipe Decking – Ipe is one of most durable lumber products we sell. For decking and fencing this lumber can be hard to beat, due to the fact that it is versatile, dense, and resistant to anything nature can throw at it. It is also a beautiful hardwood product with rich tones and very smooth surface. Ipe wood has become very popular, so it's a good idea to make your order well in advance of your planned project.

Redwood - Redwood's beautiful color is the color that everyone envisions in their minds eye when they think about their final product. People go to a lot of trouble to stain their lumber the color of redwood, but why go to all that trouble when you can buy real redwood lumber wholesale? Redwood is well suited for outdoor projects that include fencing, decking, and jungle gyms.

Massaranduba – This is an exotic hardwood that is one of the finest for outdoor decking materials. Natural durability combined with easy maintenance, make this quality wholesale lumber a great choice for people who love the beauty of real wood. Massaranduba is another fine wood that we sell at wholesale lumber prices.

China Cedar – The advantages to China Cedar include the fact that it is lightweight and easy to work with. It is also very sustainable because it is quick growing, and two trees are planted for every one used. This is a popular choice with many professional companies and builders. China Cedar boasts a pleasant aromatic scent that helps it to naturally repel pests and fungus. It's perfect if you're looking for a versatile lumber wholesale priced.

Cumaru – If you're looking to buy lumber wholesale that is well suited for Decking, docks, benches, and bridges then Cumaru might be right for you. This beautiful wood is naturally resistant to both marine boring worms and termites, and offers a fine solution for problem jobs. It also is less slippery than many other hardwoods, so it's perfect for decking on your new dock.

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Obviously, with our selection of wood and composite products wholesale priced, only your imagination can limit your building possibilities. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you might have about your selection.
Please contact us today and get a head start on making your custom dreams come true.

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