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Ameradeck fire rated decking

Ameradeck fire rated decking

Ameradeck fire rated decking

Ameradeck fire rated decking



AmeraDeck Fire Rated Decking

Ameradeck fire rated decking

One of the most common concerns about building a deck out of wood is the potential for fire, especially when there is a grill or outdoor fire ring on the deck, or if the home is near a common fire area.

Today, there are plenty of composite decking products that are less maintenance than wood, but often they don't have the added benefit of a fire rating. However, that is not the case with Ameradeck decking.  Ameradeck has a Class 'A' classification for fire rating, and is one of the most tested decking woods on the market today. This is the highest fire rated wood classification available to a product of its kind.

Not only is Ameradeck functional and safe, it also has a similar appearance to natural wood. Many composites on the market today, look like fake wood. However, Ameradeck looks like a natural wood, without all the hassle.

Why Ameradeck Fire Rated Decking Was Created

This type of fire rated decking fills a void in the world of composite decking. Its unique formulation differs when compared to traditional Polypropylene and Polyethylene products. Its superior formula enables it to be stronger with less expanding and contracting, more scratch resistant, and increased ability to handle weatherization.

The overall commitment of this fire rated decking is to provide a product that is functional to home and business owners, but with a beautiful and natural appearance. With the functionality users can enjoy less headaches when comparing to traditional wood decking, including the prevention of:

  • Rotting
  • Maintenance
  • Deterioration

Ameradeck Fire Rated Decking Standards

This man made wood is a product made from recycled wood fibers and PVC base. There is no pre drilling that is required, making it extremely simple to install.

Because of its Class 'A' fire rating, the product does not have the capability to sustain a fire. In fact, the material does not become fuel for a fire and is therefore extinguished.

The composite wood is strong and sturdy, even under pressure washing. It is wear resistant and does not go through a freezing and thawing cycle, like traditional wooden decks.

Ameradeck is serious about their commitment to the environment. Their product is made from recycled plastic and wood fibers. It does not leach toxins into the environment and has several LEED credits. The composite does not break down in salt water and the factory is nearly a zero waste facility.

Why Users Like Ameradeck Fire Rated Decking

This type of decking is durable, easy to work with and fire resistant. It provides its users less headaches and more peace of mind. The composite is slip resistant and keeps its users safe. It is safe for young children and even those in a wheel chair.

There is no need to stain boards when they arrive. However, those that are interested in changing the color or appearance, the composite easily accepts any color stain. However, it is best to add a primer prior to the stain. Users can choose several sized boards, depending on the exact project.

Region where Ameradeck is made: Found across the United States, but especially in the West.

Ameradeck Color: Comes in several colors, including Weathered Wood, Cedar, and Redwood

Ameradeck Durability: Strong and long lasting

Ameradeck Grain: Straight

Ameradeck Fire Rating: 'A' and Class 1

Warranty: 10 Years

Substitutes for Ameradeck: It is hard to find a substitute for this type of decking due to the high fire rating.

Common Uses: It is often used for outdoor decks and fences. The product is also great for pool decks or building an outdoor gazebo. Any need for outdoor wood - Ameradeck won't disappoint.

Now more than ever, people are looking for a low maintenance and simple way to build outdoor decks and fences. Anyone who has a traditional wooden deck understands the headaches involved, including upkeep, cleaning, rot prevention, and splintering. Add the problems with expanding and contracting and the frustration increases.

Adding this fire rated wood not only releases headaches caused by traditional decking wood, it also provides the added peace of mind with its ability to prevent a fire from sustaining.

Whether you are looking to add a deck to your new home or replace one on your existing home, you won't be disappointed with this type of fire rated decking wood.

Contact us today to find out more about Ameradeck and other types of exotic woods.  Our decking experts are ready to answer all your questions about Ameradeck and decking.

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