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Angelim Pedra

Angelim Pedra Decking

Angelim Pedra Decking


Angelim Pedra Decking

Angelim Pedra decking wood is primarily used for hardwood flooring. However, Angelim Pedra is known for its superior durability and density.  In fact, Angelim Pedra is 3 xs harder than red oak and it's also harder than maple, and mahogany.  This coarse Brazilian hardwood is also used for outdoor decking, pools, railings, and marine work. Angelim Pedra decking wood is very popular amongst builders and homeowners because it's highly resistant to decay, termites, and other wood damaging agents. The reason why this beautiful Angelim hardwood is the choice for many deck builders is because:

  • It's highly durable
  • It's  naturally beautiful
  • It's highly resistant to decay, fungi and termites
  • It's more affordable than other types of wood
  • It has a 25 year life span

History of Angelim Pedra:
Angelim Pedra DeckingThe Angelim Pedra tree is found in Brazil and various regions across South America. The Angelim Pedra tree has a diameter of 5 feet and can grow anywhere from 50 to 120 feet tall.  It is part of the Leguminosae family, which consists of over 18,000 species and 650 genera, making this family one of the largest flowering plant families in the world. Most of the plants in this family play a major role in agricultural development.  Many of these plants produce beans, chickpeas, peas, and licorice.  However, the Hymenolobium Petraeum genera are what produce strong and coarse wood known as Angelim Pedra.  This type of decking wood is also known as Angel's Heart or simply, Pedra.

Discover why many homeowners choose Angelim Pedra Decking for their hardwood floors:
The name Angelim is used for a wide variety of coarse woods in the Leguminosae family. Angelim woods are usually found within the Hymenolobium genus or Andira genus. The other types of wood in the Angelim group include: Angelim Vermelho and Angelim Nero.  Many professionals choose Angelim Brazilian woods because of their superior strength, durability, resistant to decay and termites, and most of all; the natural beauty of Angelim hardwoods.  Pedra is in a class of its own and is responsible for thousands of beautiful hardwood floors throughout the world. The reason why many homeowners prefer Angelim Pedra decking hardwood floors is because:

  • The hardwood is easy to care for
  • The hardwood provides added value to the home
  • The hardwood will last a life time
  • The hardwood is naturally beautiful

In addition to creating beautiful hardwood floors, this type of Angelim decking wood is also used for turnery, furniture, outside decks, and heavy construction.   Whether you use this type of Angelim wood for turnery, flooring or furniture, one thing is for sure:  you will have beautiful, durable Angelim hardwood that will last you a lifetime.

The benefits of working with this type of Angelim Hardwood:
While Pedra is a natural beauty, and 3x more durable than oak, Pedra is fairly easy to work with.  Whether you are working with hand tools or machines, Pedra hardwood is fairly easy to screw, cut or glue.  However, pre-drilling is usually recommended for screwing purposes on Angelim woods.  This type of Angelim wood is also known to dry very well and rarely has checking or warpage.

Whether you want to use this type of Brazilian hardwood for outside decking, beautiful furniture, heavy construction, or you want to create a beautiful Angelim Pedra hardwood floor, we have got you covered.  At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we offer a wide variety of Angelim hardwoods that will make your next project come to life.   Call us now and speak with one of our Angelim Pedra hardwood flooring specialists to find out more about this Brazilian beauty.

Important Facts on Angelim Pedra hardwood:

Scientific of Angelim: Hymenolobium Petraeum
Other names for Angelim:  Para Angelim, Rocky deck, Angel's heart,   Angelim da Terra, Sapupira Amerala, Caramate, Mirarema, Pedra
Region where Angelim grows: Brazil, Amazon, South America
Color for this type of Angelim: Light yellowish brown (dark reddish brown)
Durability of Angelim: Highly resistant to fungi, termite, and water
Grain of Angelim: Interlocked
Texture of Angelim:  Medium
Substitutes for Angelim: Maple, Cedar, ACQ treated pine
Common uses for Angelim: Decking, piers, bridges, planking, work benches, turnery, furniture, flooring, and heavy construction
Call one of our Angelim hardwood decking specialists to find out more about Pedra wood for your next hardwood flooring project.

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