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Cumaru Decking

Cumaru decking is primarily known for its role in hardwood flooring.  However, Camaru, also known as Brazilian Teak, is also used as an ingredient in perfumes, shampoos and soaps.  Like many other exotic decking woods, the Cumaru wood is highly resistant to rot, decay, insects, and can withstand extreme weather conditions.  This decking wood is so durable it can last up to 100 years! Many Native Americans of the Amazon used the Camaru wood from this tree for shelter, transportation, fence posts and even medicinal purposes. Today, many people use this type of decking wood for a wide variety of projects including, outdoor decking, furniture, and much more because of its strength and durability.  

Cumaru decking history

The Cumaru tree is a gigantic tree that is about 5 feet wide and can grow up to 120 feet tall. It's primarily found in South America and Central America.  The Cumaru tree is also known as The Brazilian Teak Tree.  This enormous tree produces sweet and aromatic fruits that are used for perfumes, cosmetics, and even for medicinal purposes.  The seed and the bark of the cumaru deckingCumaru tree have a unique history.  Many of the rainforest Indian tribes used the bark and seed from the Cumaru tree for medicinal purpose.  The Indian tribes of the rain forest used the seeds of the Cumaru tree to heal cuts, coughs, rheumatism, and snake bites. The seed oil from the Cumaru tree is also used to heal ear infections and ear aches.  Many of the Indian tribes also used the bark of this tree to bathe fevered patients.  While the Camaru decking tree was used to heal a lot of Indian tribes, it also served another purpose: Building.  Today, the wood from the Camaru tree produces some of the strongest and hardest decking wood in the world.   Camaruwood is so durable that it's used in hardwood flooring, outside decking, heavy machinery, and even used for building ships.

Many Cumaru decking builders choose this beautiful tropical wood because:

  • Cumaru can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Cumaru is low-maintenance
  • Cumaru is  highly resistance to termites and mold
  • Cumaru can last a lifetime
  • Cumaru is a popular choice for decking
  • Cumaru produces a fine finish

Due to its natural durability, and high resistance to  insects, mold, and decay, Cumaru decking wood can last up to 25 years and beyond without any preservative or pre-treatment.  This is why many homeowners and professionals choose this type of decking wood for their projects.

Cumaru decking challenges

Unlike, many other exotic decking woods, Cumaru is easy to work with by hand or machine.   However, it's highly recommended that you use carbide tipped blades and drill bits to prevent damage of the decking wood.  The drying time for Cumaru is very slow, however, after drying; Cumaru wood has superior strength and stability. Even though this type of decking wood is easy to work with, it can still present a challenge during decking.  For example, scratches from sanding this type of decking wood can show up easily.  As far as nailing, the Camaru decking wood is so hard, that it can be virtually impossible to nail the decking wood. That's why it's easier to pre-drill holes and then hand nail when you are dealing with Cumaru decking. In addition to sanding and nailing decking challenges, whoever is handling the decking wood needs to be aware that the natural substances in the wood can cause skin irritation or dermatitis? That's why it's very important for all parties handling this type of decking wood to wear protective clothing and gloves to avoid an allergic reaction.

Important facts about Cumaru decking:

Scientific name for Cumaru: Dipteryx Odorata
Other names for Cumaru: Brazilian Teak, Tonka Tree, Brazilian Walnut
Region where Cumaru grows:  South America, Central America, Brazil
Cumaru Color:  The color of Cumaru decking wood varies from dark reddish brown to a purplish brown color
Cumaru Durability:  Extremely high and is highly recommended for decking
Cumaru Grain: Interlocked
Texture of Cumaru: Fine
Common uses for Cumaru:  Hardwood flooring, outside decking, furniture veneers (table tops and desk tops), cabinetry

If you're looking for a Brazilian decking hardwood with a beautiful grain, vibrant rich reddish brown color, and is highly resistant to insect and termite attacks, Cumaru is the perfect wood for all of your decking needs. Whether you need Camaru decking for outside decking, or you need it for a large construction project, you can rest assured that San Antonio Wholesale Lumber has the most durable and strong Camaru decking to meet all of your decking needs at a price you can afford.   We have a wide selection of Camura decking and other exotic woods from around the world.

Contact us today to find out more about Cumaru and other exotic decking woods.  Our decking experts are ready to assist you and answer all of your decking questions.  Whether you need Cumaru or other types of exotic decking woods, we are here to help.

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