San Antonio Wholesale Lumber Offers a Wide Array of Decking Wood for you to choose from!

Imagine walking out your backdoor to a beautiful outdoor space where you and your family can enjoy warm summer days, and refreshing summer evenings.  A beautiful outdoor deck makes it possible for you to escape for a breath of fresh air, relax and converse with your loved ones, and host special milestone events like bridal showers, baby showers, and graduation parties.   The possibilities are virtually endless of the experiences outdoor decks can provide.   That's why choosing your decking wood is just as important as entertaining your family and friends.  The type of wood you use for your decks is a reflection of your personal style.  The popular choices of wood used for building decks include:

Deck wood that fits your life, your style, and your budget!

At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we have a wide selection of decking wood that comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors.  Whether you want to build a new deck, or update your existing deck, you can rest assured we have the perfect material that matches your personal style and budget.

If you are a fan of exotic hardwoods that are grown in the Amazon and throughout the world, then you would be very pleased to know that we carry the finest selection of  Ipe, Massaranduba, Camaru,  Angelim Pedra, and  other decking woods from the Amazon that are perfect for building beautiful decks.  If you still want the look and feel of natural wood, but you don't want to worry about the maintenance, then we have a line of composite decking and plastic decking materials that are virtually maintenance free.   Some of the popular brands we carry that are used for building outdoor decks include but are not limited to:

Discover the many benefits of choosing the right wood for your next outdoor project

Whether you choose exotic hardwood, composite wood, or plastic decking wood for your outdoor decks, you can rest assured that they all provide the following benefits:

  • The wood increases the value of your home
  • The wood enhances the look and feel of your outdoor space
  • The  wood is highly resistant to insect attack, fungi, and decay
  • The wood can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • The wood has an extended life span ( most  woods last up to 25 years or more)
  • The wood is virtually easy to maintain
  • The wood is easy to work with by machine or hand

A skilled decking expert from our team will help you choose the wood that is perfect for you

When it comes to building and installing outdoor decks, you have to choose the wood that's right for you.  The type of wood you choose will be determined by your time, budget, style, and your overall vision of what you want your deck to look like. At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we understand how difficult it can be for you to choose the perfect decking material for your home.   That's why we have a team of   knowledgeable decking experts who can provide you with information on each type of wood you are searching for and can provide you with information on custom decks.   Whether you are choosing an exotic wood like Ipe, or you are choosing a maintenance free plastic decking wood like the Eon plastic brand, you can rest assured that our decking experts will help you decide which is the right type of wood based on your needs.

San Antonio Wholesale Lumber has a wide selection of durable woods that make decks last a life time

No matter what type of material you choose for building outdoor decks, you can rest assured that you will have a beautiful outdoor deck that is:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Naturally beautiful
  • Highly Durable
  • Long- Lasting

At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, our decking experts are ready to help you choose the right size, color, and style for your next outdoor decking project.   We carry some of the finest decking woods on the market at prices that match your budget.

The most in demand woods used for building decks we carry include:   Angelim Pedra, Camaru, Ipe, Massaranduba, Ipanema, and many other fine and exotic hardwoods.   If you want a beautiful, durable and long-lasting deck where you can entertain family and loved ones for a lifetime, then give one of our decking experts a call.   They can help you choose the perfect decks and decking wood that fits your life, your style, and your budget.   Call us now at 512-834-1200 and speak with one of our specialists today about your creating your next outdoor masterpiece!

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