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Frequently Asked Questions about Ipanema Decking

You have questions about decking? We have all your decking answers!

Building a deck onto a new or existing home is exciting. However, for those that are not familiar with decking products, they can feel overwhelmed with the choices and options. Below is a list of some of the most common questions about Ipanema Decking.

Will the color of Ipanema Decking change or turn gray with time?

Ipanema is a type of decking hardwood. Similar to other decking woods, if it is not properly maintained with a coating or sealant the color will begin to turn to gray. Sun, rain and other environmental conditions affect the integrity of the decking wood when it does not have some type of protective finish.

What type of finish is recommended to maintain the decking wood's durability and appearance?

For the absolute best protection for your Ipanema deck or any other type of outdoor used for decking, an oil paint offers the most benefits. However, most people who add a deck onto their home don't want to cover up the beauty of the natural decking wood. Instead, it is recommended to use a penetrating oil stain. This type of stain provides the benefits of an oil paint, without covering up the beauty of the decking wood.

What colors are available in Ipanema Decking?

There are a wide variety of colors available for your new deck. Depending on your project and taste, you can choose from Natural, Walnut, Golden, and Mahogany. There are also several sizes and surfaces that you can choose from.

How do you apply the stain to Ipanema Decking?

Stain for your deck can be applied by spraying or by brushing. Prior to the decking wood leaving the factory, it is sprayed with a finish on the ends and all sides of the boards-offering some of the best out of the box protection available.

How often should you stain your decking wood for maximum protection?

Depending on the amount of environmental exposure your deck experiences should determine how often you add stain. Decks that are exposed to bright sun and rain or snow should add an additional coat more often. To maintain the durability and beauty of your new decking wood, it is recommended that a new coating be applied every year or two.

How can you prevent problems during installation of your new decking wood?

Most problems that occur when installing Ipanema decks are done from lack of experience. Be sure to find a decking wood contractor who understands the product and your decking needs. Search for someone with a valuable reputation and record of success. Be sure that the screws that are used are stainless steel and add a touch of stain to the end of any board that is cut to prevent rotting from exposed decking wood.

Do you need to be careful with the amount of weight placed on the decking wood?

Ipanema is an extremely hard type of decking wood. Ipanema decking wood is strong, sturdy and durable.  Due to the qualities of the decking wood, it is able to withstand high amounts of weight. However, use your common sense and don't place a ridiculous amount of weight on your decking wood.

Do you need to clean your new decking wood?

All outdoor decks become dirty and need cleaned from time to time. Ipanema is easy to clean. There are hardwood deck cleaning products available for purchase or you can get almost all cleaning needs taken care of with a regular garden hose. You can also use a pressure washer to clean your decking wood, but make sure the setting is not too powerful to prevent splintering.

How can you find help with choice, design, and answering further questions about your decking wood?

The best possible way to have all of your decking wood questions answered is by visiting San Antonio Wholesale Lumber. Our experienced and highly trained decking experts are able to help you make the best decision for your decking needs. From beginning to end, we can help you at whatever phase your decking project is currently in.

Visit or call our store with your Ipanema decking questions. Our decking experts will help you determine the best color, size and style for your next decking project.    Call one of our decking experts today and ask about our line of Ipanema decking woods and other decking hardwood brands that we carry.


ipanema finish
Factory finished for added decking protection

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