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ipanema decking

Ipanema Decking

Ipanema Decking

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Ipanema Hardwood Decking

The more affordable new decking wood on the block!
While tropical hardwoods are readily available, many builders and homeowners are looking for a more sustainable wood product that provides consistency, is easy to install, is low-maintenance and won't break the bank.  Ipanema decking wood may be the solution.   Ipanema is a new type of decking wood that consists of over 36 natural wood species that are lesser known than popular species like Ipe, Itauba, Massaranduba, Cumaru, and many other exotic decking woods.  Ipanema decking wood offers the natural feel, look and durability of natural decking wood without the hefty price tag.  The affordable price tag is not the only benefit that catches the eye of everyone who wants to get their hands on this innovative decking wood.  Ipanema decking is highly praised for the following:

  • Ipanema is easy to install
  • Ipanema has ability to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Ipanema is easy to maintain
  • Ipanema is durable
  • Ipanema already comes pre-finished
  • Ipanema is an affordable alternative to Ipe decking wood
  • Ipanema is a FSC Certified decking wood

Ipanema decking makes installation an effortless process!
Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, you will enjoy the great quality and easy installation of this particular type of decking wood.   If you are a contractor or a builder, installing a beautiful deck for your client will be a breeze, this decking wood already comes pre-finished on all sides, and is extremely easy to work with by hand or machine.   By using this innovative decking technology you will be able to increase productivity and decrease expensive labor costs.   If you are a homeowner, and enjoy doing DIY decking projects, you will feel like a contractor because of how easy it is to install this beautiful type of decking wood.  What more can you ask for?   This innovative decking system is ready to go after purchase, no strenuous cutting, sawing, and gluing with this beauty.  Ipanema decking already comes with grooved sides on the board and clip that make installation an effortless process.

While pre-grooved sides and a pre-finish make Ipanema easy to work with, there are still some standard decking wood procedures you must follow to create a beautiful long lasting deck or patio.    It's highly recommended that the decking boards be pre-drilled on faces and screwed to the joists for extra strength and structure.   For best results for your decking woods, premium drills or saws that have carbide tipped saw blades should be used.   Power tool bits will also do the trick on this durable decking wood.

Ipanema hardwood decking is environmentally friendly
Ipanema is the perfect choice for green builders who want to leave less of a carbon foot print and create a more sustainable world.  In fact, the International Wood Product Association (IWPA) awarded the primary company Elof Hansson USA for introducing the environmentally friendly Ipanema decking product to the world.  Ipanema hardwood decking was praised for being a combination of 36 lesser known wood species during the manufacturing process.  The result of using lesser known species reduces the high demand for one wood species and better utilizes what the forest naturally provides.   This way Ipanema will always be readily available.  

Ipanema comes in 4 colors that will make your outdoor decking project come to life.   The colors include:

  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Golden
  • Natural

Let us take care of all of your outdoor decking needs!
At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we can take care of all your decking wood needs.  Whether you want to build a beautiful outdoor patio, new hardwood floors, or you want to use your creativity and create a beautiful masterpiece, you can rest assured that our decking experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right type of decking wood that fits your style, and your budget.  

Whether you want Ipanema decking for your next outdoor decking project, or another type of wood, we can help.  Our decking experts have years of experience helping homeowners, builders, and artichtects choose the perfect type of decking wood for their  outdoor projects.   In addition to Ipanema, we also carry a large selection of   Brazilian decking hardwoods such as:  Ipe, Itauba, Massaranduba, and more.    The other types of decking wood we carry include:  Western Red Cedar, Redwood, China Cedar, and a wide variety of composite and plastic decking materials.  Our decking experts can help you choose the right type of decking woods that fit your personality and your budget.  Give us a call today to find out more about Ipanema decking and our other exotic hardwood brands we carry and see which one is right for you.

After you complete your research on decking materials, etc., please contact us via phone, in person, or with our quotation and information request form and we will be happy to help you with your deck project.

Ipanema decking is available in 4 colors currently: Walnut, Mahogany, Golden & Natural:

ipanema walnut
Ipanema Mahogany
Ipanema Golden
Ipanema Natural

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