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Ipanema Decking Installation Instructions

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Ipanema Decking: Installation Instructions

So you have your beautiful new decking wood in your favorite color. You are ready to bring your dream deck into reality-but how do you get started installing your new decking wood?

Whether you are a do it yourselfer working on your own decking project or you are a contractor installing Ipanema decking for the first time, the following decking installation instructions will help you make your decking project happen with ease.

How to handle your new Ipanema decking

The only place that your new Ipanema decking wood should be used is outside. Ipanema decking hardwood is dried in a kiln for maximum outdoor quality. Prior to installing your new decking wood, be sure to keep it stored out of the sun's direct light. Also, your decking wood needs to become accustomed to the moisture levels in your local climate. Be sure to give it time to acclimate prior to installation.

How to cut and drill your decking system

You don't need special decking equipment to install your new decking wood. However, you do need to use drills and saws that are high quality and are made for decking wood. Be sure your tool bits and saw blades are premium carbide tipped, so they work through your decking hardwood with ease. You will need to pre-drill each edge board of the decking wood on the face side and screw them to the joists. This ensures that the structure will be extra secure, especially when you are not using a fastening system.

Sealing the board ends on your new decking wood

After you are finished with any decking wood cross cutting, you should immediately seal the ends on your decking wood, using a clear aqueous wax based end sealer. This will reduce any type of end checking on your decking wood.

How to fasten Ipanema Decking

To help your decking wood stay as durable and beautiful as possible, it is best to use only stainless steel screws and fasteners that are a high density plastic, stainless steel or coated metal. These hardware types help prevent corrosion on your decking wood and hold their strength for a long amount of time. Although coated metal are appropriate for usage, they may stain your decking and are not as durable as other types.

You can choose from a variety of hidden clip systems if you choose or you can go with the traditional type of fastening product to install your decking wood.  If you are confused or concerned about what type of tools to use for your decking wood you should use, talk with your San Antonio Wholesale Decking company sales representative.

How to install your Ipanema Decking
Before you begin any type of decking project, be sure to check your local building code regulations to ensure you are following the correct procedures.

Each of Ipanema's standard decking sizes are able to be installed on center joists that are 16" in size. If you are choosing to use the 5/4 x 6, it can also be installed on a center joist that is 24".  Keep in mind that if you decide to use a pattern that is diagonal, the joist spacing will be shorter.

In order for your decking to properly breath and have the appropriate amount of movement and air circulation, be sure to keep the gap between boards around 1/8".

How to finish your Ipanema Decking

When you receive your new decking wood, you will notice that it comes to you pre finished from the factory on all four sides. This finish is a high end coating that provides the hardwood extra protection and long lasting durability. As soon as you notice that your decking begins to fade or change color, you will want to put a refinishing product on the wood. It is recommended that you use a commercial product that is good and proven to keep your decking wood looking its best.

Be sure that you don't let your new decking wood turn grey in color. When this occurs, it is a sign that your decking wood is experiencing decay and damage from the sun's harmful rays. If you notice this happening, be sure to put a finish on your Ipanema deck as soon as possible, so your surface does not permit the penetration of water.

Installation of your Ipanema Deck is not difficult. However, if you find yourself with questions or concerns, please visit San Antonio Wholesale Lumber to talk with one of our experienced and professional decking experts.   Our decking experts can help you choose the perfect size, shape and color for your next decking project.  In addition to ipanema, we have a wide selection of exotic decking wood, composite decking wood, and plastic decking wood for you to choose from.


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