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Itauba Decking

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Itauba decking is arguably one of the finest types of exotic wood on the market. Itauba is praised for its durability, longevity, and is highly resistance to wood destructing bacteria and organisms. Itauba decking is great for outdoor decking; however, Itauba has also been used to create high end furniture, boats, ships, bridges, and even the interior trims of certain vehicles. Whether you use Itauba for boats, an outdoor patio, decking, or an interior trim of a car, you can rest assured that this is a highly durable and heavy decking wood that produces an excellent finish and is very easy on the eyes.  

History of Itauba Decking

The Itauba tree is a species of the lauraceae family found throughout the Amazon. The lauraceae family, also known as the laurel family, is reported to consist of nearly 3,000 species in 50 genera throughout the world. They are mostly present in tropic reasons and warm climates, and the species primarily consist of green trees and shrubs. Many plants of this family contain high amounts of essential oils and are used for many spices and perfumes. However, the laurel family is highly recognized for its superior resistance against threatening bacteria and organisms. 

itauba deckingOut of this exotic family hails the Itauba tree, which is commonly found in Brazil, Costa Rica, and other areas in Central and South America. The Itauba tree ranges from 60-120 feet tall and produces decking wood that has a yellowish brown to dark chestnut color. The Itauba tree is also known as "Stonewood" in the Amazon, because it's heavy, firm and durable. The wood from the Itauba tree is naturally oily and has a fine texture. Many indigenous people of Brazil used the decking wood from the Itauba trees to build houses.  The Munduruku Indian tribe also used the decking wood from the Itauba tree to build canoes. 

Itauba Decking challenges

Even though this type of Itauba wood produces a fine finish, it can be quite challenging to cut by hand or machine for decking purposes. That's why it's highly recommend that you use tipped cutting tools such as a stilted saw for cutting with ease when using this type of wood for decking. 

In addition to difficulty cutting the decking wood, another nuisance of Itauba decking is that it has a slow drying time. When it comes to drying Itauba decking, you have to be very careful. If you rush the drying process, the decking wood will be prone to defects, distortion and checking. If you want to create a beautiful masterpiece, Itauba wood used for decking makes it well worth the wait. However, this type of exotic decking wood is known to glue well under certain controlled conditions. Despite the many challenges that this decking wood has, Itauba is still a popular decking wood for building patios, fences, porches, and other outside projects. In fact many people prefer Itauba decking wood over Ipe decking wood because it is slightly more durable and less expensive than Ipe.
When it comes to installing and laying wood for decking, you have to choose the right type of decking wood for your project. Don't let Ituaba decking wood challenges discourage you from getting the job done. If this type of decking wood is the perfect wood for your next outdoor or indoor decking project, don't hesitate to use it. Once you see the finished decking wood product you will realize overcoming challenges was worth the effort, and the end result is one fine piece of Itauba.

Important Facts on Itauba Decking

itauba deckingScientific Name: Mezilarus Itauba
Other names for Itauba:  Kaneelhout, Taoub Jane, Lauro itauba
Region where Itauba grows:   South and Central America (Brazil, Amazon)
Color of Ituaba:  Varies from yellowish brown to a dark chestnut brown color
Ituaba Durability:  Extremely high natural resistance to decay and termites.
Grain of Itauba:  Straight to slightly roey
Texture of Itauba:  Medium texture with an oily feel and appearance
Substitutes for Itauba:  Itauba has been recommended as a decking substitute for Teak and Ipe
Common uses for Itauba:  Cabinetry, wood furniture, construction, bridges, planks, boats, decking and more.

itauba deckingWhether you use this durable wood for industrial use or residential use, you can rest assured that you will have beautiful hardwood that will last a lifetime. Itauba decking is perfect for outdoor use, and this type of decking wood can create a beautiful outdoor patio, trim to a sauna, or even a fence. When it comes to Itauba decking, the possibilities are limitless of what you can do. At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we offer a wide variety of decking options that meet your needs. Whether you want Itauba, or another exotic decking wood, you can rest assured that we've got you covered.  

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itauba decking


Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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