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Latitudes Decking

Latitudes Composite Decking FAQs

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Finding the right product for your new deck may be one of the most difficult decisions when building or remodeling a home.  Composite decking questions like durability, ease of installation, and characteristics or appearance are some of the most common questions asked.

To help you with your difficult decision, here are answers to some of your most pressing questions about composite decking.

Latitudes Composite Decking Durability Questions:

What is Latitudes made out of?

latitudes composite deckingThe Latitudes composite decking varieties are made from recycled plastic and wood. Depending on the variety chosen, determines the exact strength of the product. However, all varieties are enhanced with the technology of Strandex®.

What is the fire rating on Latitudes products?

Each piece of Latitudes decking holds a fire rating of Class C. This classification is also the rating on any type of natural wood product.

How does Latitudes hold up against water?

You can use Latitudes decking on any outdoor surface, even next to swimming pools, on boat docks, and near saltwater. The product can withstand splashing or rain on a regular basis. However, it should not be completely immersed in water for a long period of time.

Will the color of Latitudes composite decking fade over time?

Regardless of the product, over time, materials do fade when they are exposed to large amounts of UV rays. This is no different with Latitudes. Colors in the composite decking will shift up to 90 days after installation. During this process the natural wood fibers show off tan or gray hues. When the shift is completed, these colors will no longer be noticeable. 

Does Latitudes wear similar to wood?

The composite decking product has been tested under extreme weather conditions and is considered to be weather resistant. This means the product will not decay, splinter or rot. The protection offered by the unique power of Strandex®, helps the product fight the weather and sunlight.

Latitudes Composite Installation Questions:

What direction do Latitudes boards need to be facing?

The choice is up to you on the direction, but it is recommended that all boards be facing the same direction for consistency in color. Each piece will have a tag on it that tells you where the product ends is for your reference. There will be arrow stickers that will help you ensure all of the arrows are pointing the same way. If they are not, there will be different shades of color throughout your deck, which is not covered under the product's warranty.

What type of tools do you need for composite decking installation?

The ease of Latitudes installation enables you to use conventional tools. This includes tools for nailing, cutting or drilling. It is recommended that your saw blade be sharp and carbide tipped. Be sure to wear your safety glasses and protective clothes for your protection.

Are there any recommended nails or fasteners to use with the product?

Most major hardware stores have screws and nails that are specifically created for any type of composite decking product. For best results and easy installation, it is best to use a composite deck nail or screw that is corrosion resistant. Screws should be 2-1/2" in size.

Any product not recommended for use with Latitudes?

latitudes composite deckingIt is not recommended use of a nail gun to install your product. When using a nail gun you have no control over the depth of the nail and preventing the nail from bending can be a challenge. Also, it is not recommended using a supplemental adhesive, such as glue, as a stand alone fastener.

Latitudes Composite Characteristics Questions:

What colors are available for the decking system?

Latitudes come in a variety of styles. Each style has its own variety of colors. Depending on what style you choose determines your color selection. However, some of the color choices include: cedar, walnut, gray, and redwood.

What kind of traction does Latitudes have when it is wet?

Latitudes is slip resistant in either wet or dry climates.

It seems that Latitudes composite decking costs more than treated wood products, why is this?

Yes, the original start up costs for composite decking does cost more than treated wood. The manufacturing process of these products is more costly. However, if you factor in the lifetime costs of Latitudes, including the repair, upkeep, and replacement costs, the investment is well worth it.

What are the lengths of the Latitudes decking boards?

Depending on your composite decking project, you will determine the length of the boards needed. Latitudes come in lengths of 20', 16' and 12'.

Any more questions about composite decking?

Visit San Antonio Wholesale Lumber and talk with one of our composite decking specialists to answer any of your questions or to see a sample of Latitudes composite decking for your next project.


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