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Latitudes Composite Decking

Latitudes Composite Decking - General Information

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Imagine walking out to your backyard on a beautiful deck that is beautiful, highly durable and splinter-free.  Latitudes custom decking turns your imagination into a reality. Latitudes manufactures composite decking in a wide variety of colors and finishes.  Whether you want an outside deck, railing, or wood furniture, you can feel confident that Latitudes is an award-winning brand that will make your next project look like a beautiful work of art.  Latitudes has a wide selection of products that meets different needs.  Their line of products includes the following:

  • Latitudes® Captiva- This unique composite decking material is very similar to Capricorn; however, it's more affordable. It comes in natural looking walnut, cedar and gray colors that are perfect for outdoor decking.

  • Latitudes Intrepid- This revolutionary composite decking makes installing a deck effortless. With its Strandex® proven technology, patented hidden fasteners and sleek rail design, creating a beautiful looking deck or patio with this Latitudes brand will be a breeze. 
  • Latitudes Marine - This type of decking is ideal for building docks, boardwalks and other marine and waterfront structures.  Due to its wonderful water and UV resistance, this decking material will last a lifetime virtually without fading, warping, splitting, or rotting. Discover why many professional and homeowners choose Latitudes composite decking as their choice!

No matter what type of Latitudes decking you choose for you next project, you can rest assured that the Latitudes brand will deliver the following:

  • Natural looking appearance
  • Highly durable
  • Insect and termite resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Scratch resistance
  • 25 year limited  warranty

Latitudes composite decking is just as easy to work with as natural wood

When you are using Latitudes for your next project, you will have to continue to pinch yourself, because you will think you are working with natural wood. While Latitudes is a composite decking material, it has many characteristics of natural wood, such as:
  • It cuts and installs like real wood
  • It can withstand any weather condition
  • It doesn't need water repellent

Latitudes Strandex® Technology separates this type of wood from all other composite deck materials.
When it comes to choosing wood for an outdoor project, you want to make sure that wood is resistant to decay and can withstand any weather condition.  Latitudes have a proven Strandex® technology that provides the wood with the ability to stay in good shape in any weather condition.  Whether sleet, snow, hail, rain, or humidity, you can rest assured that your Latitudes wood will remain in its natural condition for years to come.

Discover why many deck builders and homeowners prefer to work with Latitudes® composite decking
Latitudes continue to set the bar for composite deck materials. Homeowners and builders alike choose the Latitudes brand because of its superior quality, natural appearance, durability, long life span and innovative technology.   Whether you are choosing Latitudes for pools, outdoor decking, boardwalks or marine use, you can rest assured that you will have beautiful looking wood that will last a lifetime.  

When it comes to choosing composite decking wood, you want to make sure the brand has a solid reputation for quality and innovation. The Latitudes composite decking brand is one of the most preferred brands because of its unique technology and the ability to create decking to look, act, and feel like natural wood. 

To discover more about the different brands of Latitudes composite deck materials, speak with one of our knowledgeable deck specialists today!

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