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massaranduba decking



Massaranduba Decking

massaranduba decking

Massaranduba is primarily used for decking and hardwood flooring.  However, Massaranduba decking wood is also used for ship building, bridges, furniture, stairs, outdoor decking and is used for making tool handles.  This type of decking wood is highly durable and resistant to wood eating bacteria. In fact, Massaranduba decking wood contains special toxins that prevent decay and parasites from rotting the wood. It's used by many decking professionals and residential homeowners alike. It's mostly noticed for its beautiful red color, hence the name also being known as Brazilian Redwood.  

 Massaranduba Decking History

The Massaranduba tree also known as the "Cow Tree" hails from Central and South America.  The Massaranduba tree has the ability to grow in a wide variety of conditions and soils, thus making it easily available for decking.  The tree can grow up to 150 feet tall and can be 6 feet wide.  Like many other exotic woods from this region, the Massranduba tree can handle almost any weather condition, and it's very resistant to insect damage.  What's most notable about this decking wood is its attractive red color, making it a primary candidate for many to use for their floors, furniture, decking, and cabinetry projects.  The color is not the only thing that makes Massaranduba noticeable to many decking professionals. What's even more prevalent is the durability of this particular type of decking wood.  Did you know that Massaranduba is 2 times as strong as California Redwood?  What's even more shocking; Massaranduba is actually stronger than Ipe decking as well.  Not only does the hardness of Massarunda decking wood excel in all weather conditions, but the strength of this decking wood will increase the lifespan of this Brazilian beauty.  This is one of the most durable types of wood used for decking on the market today.

Massaranduba decking challenges

Even though Massaranduba is a very durable decking wood, it is quite easy to work with. When using the wood for decking, gluing is great for interior only; however, gluing requires extra care on this particular type of wood.   When it comes to nailing Massaranduba for decking, it's quite good, however, pre-boring is mandatory for an excellent looking piece of wood during the decking process.  The drying process is slow, so you will have to be careful to prevent cracks when decking. 

Even though Massaranduba is a durable wood, it can face decking challenges in certain climates.   In extreme weather conditions where the weather is constantly shifting temperature and moisture levels, Massaranduba can be subject to checking and warpage during decking.   That's why it's very important to decide if Massaranduba is the right type of wood for your decking needs.   However, don't let checking discourage you from choosing this wood for your next decking project; checking and warpage can be controlled with preventive and preservative maintenance.

While there may be some decking challenges to working with Massaranduba, the benefits far outweigh the problems.  When you want a beautiful piece of decking wood that will last up to nearly 20 years and beyond, then Massaranduba is the red decking beauty for you.  Many people choose this decking wood because of the following:

  • Massaranduba is resistant to wood damaging insects, decay, rot and mold
  • Massaranduba  requires very low maintenance
  • Massaranduba last  up to 20 years and beyond
  • Massaranduba produces a beautiful reddish brown color for an accented look

Important Facts About Massaranduba Decking:

Scientific name: Manilkara Bidentata
Other names for Massaranduba: Acana, Bulletwood, Brazilian Redwood, Balata
Region where Massaranduba grows:  Central and South America
MassarandubaColor:  The color varies from a faint plum-red color to a vibrant light brown
Massaranduba Durability:  Extremely high
Massaranduba Grain: Straight
Texture of Massaranduba: Fine and uniformed
Massaranduba Substitutes; Ipe and Camaru have been suggested as a decking substitute for Massaranduba
Common uses for Massaranduba:  Patio furniture, golf balls, outside decking, whip handles, porch, stairs

When you want a strong and durable decking wood that has superior bending capabilities, and can last for decades, Massaranduba wood is the perfect wood for you. Whether you need Massaranduba for decking, to make quality tool handles, or you need it to make a beautiful staircase for your clients, you can rest assured that San Antonio Wholesale Lumber has the finest selection of this Brazilian red decking beauty at very competitive prices.

We have a wide variety of Massaranduba decking wood and other exotic woods used for decking.   Contact us to find out more about Massaranduba or other popular woods for decking.  Our decking professionals are ready to assist you.  

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