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Premier Composite Technology is very proud to offer composite Premier decking and Railing — a complete line of state-of-the-art composite decking products including railing systems, fences and accessories.

20 year warrantyOur composite decking products are beautiful as well as practical and are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry: a 20-year limited warranty.

Premier offers a complete line of maintenance-free composite decking that is sure to complement most home exteriors – metal, brick, stucco, rock, or even vinyl. Sold in a range of colors such as Classic Gray, Redwood and Cedar, our decking is always straight and uniform, never warped or crooked.

premier deckingAll Premier decking cuts, drills and installs just like wood, using conventional wood working tools. Unlike wood though, Premier composite decking will never need to be painted or stained, and it will never split, splinter, rot, or decay. Premier decking is also resistant to termites and, while it looks and feels like natural wood, it is without the ongoing maintenance that wood requires. Premier decking – now you can enjoy your deck instead of working on it!


Luxurious Looks:
photoCombine quality, beauty and strength for your dream project. Choose from Premier’s wide variety of colors for the look, feel and beauty of natural wood with minimal maintenance that you prefer.

Low Maintenance:
Unlike wood, Premier composite decking will never require painting, sealing or staining. Just install and you're done! All Premier products are termite and moisture resistant and will not rot, decay, or splinter.

Easy to Install:
Premier composite decking is easy to install using conventional woodworking tools, and is ideal for the “do-it-yourselfer”. Premier decking is consistently true and straight and never crooked, warped or twisted.

Safe Choice:
Premier composite decking is environmentally friendly and is made from a composite of polyethylene and wood flour that contains no toxic materials. Our products will not splinter or crack, making them barefoot friendly. Premier Decking also provides good traction when wet.

All Premier composite decking products are made with Strandex technology. Like individual strands of a cable make that cable stronger, the use of Strandex's technology makes extruded composite products even stronger. You are getting the highest quality and the strongest composite product available in the market today.

photoPremier composite decking is reversible and is sold in standard lengths of 12', 16' and 20'. Choose from embossed wood grain or planed side.

Lasting quality is reflected in their 20 Year Warranty.
Easy to mistake for real wood, all Premier Railing products are warranted against cracking, warping, peeling, rotting, insects, termites and water damage for the length of the warranty.

Please note: Premier composite decking and docking should not be used as a structural component. Always consult with local building codes and regulations for structural members, joists, beams, studs, columns, and stringers.

Available Colors: Cedar, Classic Gray & Redwood

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