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Redwood decking

redwood deckingRedwood trees are also called Sequoias, coastal redwoods and the giant trees of the forest.  Redwood trees are native to the Western coast of America, and are usually found in California, Oregon, and Washington State.  In fact, they are so present in California, that they were named the official tree of California in 1937.

The History of Redwood

Redwood trees have a unique history.  Redwood is part of the sequoia sempervirens family and is the only living species of the Sequoia genera in the cypress family, which is known as Cupressaceae. The redwood trees ancestors are from the Taxodiaceae family that were present over 144 million years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Today beautiful Redwood trees stand taller than a NY city skyscraper. While Redwood trees are not the tallest trees on earth, they are usually considered the tallest trees in the world because they can grow up to 379 feet tall!  However, there are 3 living species of Redwood that are used for decking, which include coastal redwood, sierra redwood, and dawn redwood. When you hear the term Redwood, people are usually referring to coastal redwood.

Redwood decking wood was built to last during the 18th and 19th century

During the late 18th century many individuals flocked to California in hopes to find gold. This time period was known as the California Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush called for an increased demand for housing, furniture and other goods. The settlers used Redwood trees to build shelter, furniture, and other goods.

Another important time in history that proved the durability of Redwood was the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906. While the natural disaster swept out most of the land, many buildings that were made out of Redwood remained standing. This didn't discourage the people of the land, because when they re-built the town, they used Redwood for the new buildings and houses. Fast forward to present day, and many people still use Redwood because of its resistant to fire, its natural beauty, and extra-long life span.

Discover the reasons why many builders choose Redwood for their decking and outdoor projects

The most common trees are coastal redwood, often referred to as Redwood.  There are over 30 different grades of Redwood decking lumber which include general purpose grades and specialized grades. According to the California Redwood Association, the wood decking grades are categorized by the number, size, and nature of knots as well as stains. The Redwood decking grades are usually determined by appearance and durability, and each grade of Redwood can be used for different types of woodworking and wood decking projects. Redwood is a very soft and light weight decking wood, which makes it extremely easy to work with by hand or machine.  Redwood decking wood is touted as one of the easiest natural woods to work with. This beautiful red decking wood glues and finishes well and has minimal shrinkage.  It also drys very well, and is less likely to split, warp, cup or check. The vibrant red color and easy workability is not the only quality that attracts many to this durable decking wood.  Many builders and homeowners alike choose Redwood decking wood for their outdoor decking and building projects because:
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • It has a long life span (Redwood can live up to 2,000 plus years)!
  • It's highly resistant to insects and termites
  • It's an aesthetically pleasing decking wood
  • The bark of the Redwood tree is fire resistant 

The history of Redwood lives on through beautiful custom decking projects. Redwood decking's long life span, resistance to fire, and natural beauty all attract homeowners and builders to choose this type of durable decking wood for their next project.  Whether you are building a custom patio or stairs, you can rest assured that San Antonio Whole Sale Lumber has a wide selection of Redwood decking materials for you to start your next project.  Call one of our Redwood decking specialists to find out more about using this long-lasting red beauty for your next decking project.

Important Facts on Redwood

Scientific name for Redwood: Sequoia sempervirens
Other names for Redwood:  California Redwood, Coast Redwood, Redwood sequoia
Region where Redwood grows: North America, California, Washington, Oregon
Color of Redwood: Varies from light red to a dark reddish brown
Durability of Redwood: Highly resistant to decay, fungi, and termites
Grain of Redwood: straight and even, sometimes straight and uneven
Texture of Redwood: varies from medium to coarse texture
Substitutes for Redwood:  Cedar wood, cypress wood
Common uses for Redwood: office furniture, furniture veneers, heavy construction, stairs, decks, cabinets, boats and a wide variety of decking projects.

Call us now to discover which grade of Redwood is the right fit for your next decking or outdoor project.  Our decking specialists are standing by, ready to assist you. 

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