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  treated pine

treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ treated pine

ACQ Treated Pine

ACQ treated pineThe secret to long lasting wood is its natural ability to resist decay, insects, termites and other wood damaging agents.  However, certain woods like pine do not have high durability and are more susceptible to attack by insects and termites and has a shorter life span than other type of woods. Therefore, preservatives have been created to increase the durability and extend the life span of pine and many other natural woods.  One of the most popular treatments for pine wood and other types of wood is a substance called Chromate copper arsenate (CCA). CCA is a wood preservative containing copper, chromium, and arsenic.  CCA has been used to pressure treat a wide variety of different types of woods since the mid-19th century. However, many individuals feel that CCA is hazardous to their health and are looking for a safer alternative.   The main concern of CCA was its levels of arsenic.

Discover why many people prefer ACQ over CCA for treated pine

Arsenic is classified as a silver-gray or white natural earth element that is odorless and virtually tasteless.  Arsenic compounds are used in wood preservatives, pesticides, and also used for the manufacturing of certain kinds of glass.   According to the National Library of Medicine, Arsenic has been known to cause a wide variety of different types of cancer. With the increasing demand for an arsenic free product, the preservative ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) is a viable solution.

The different formulations of ACQ are beneficial to a wide variety of wood species

According to EPA.gov, ACQ is water based wood preservative that prevents decay and fungi from damaging different species of wood.  There are 4 standardized formulations for ACQ, types A, B, C, & D.  The formulations act as guidelines of which type of treatment to choose when working with different species of wood.  However, all ACQ types contain 2 main ingredients that wards off fungi and insects. These ingredients are: Copper oxide and quaternary ammonium.  The copper oxide is the primary agent that wards of fungi and insects, and the quaternary ammonium provides additional support and is insect and fungi resistant.   ACQ is the recommended choice for pine wood because its arsenic free, and leaves a dry and paintable surface. While ACQ is used on pine wood, it also can be used for fence posts, decking, wood shingles, and a wide variety of other wood products.

ACQ treated pine can last for many decades

One of the natural woods that ACQ is used on is Pine.  Pine is softwood that grows in a wide variety of regions.  Unlike many other natural woods, pine has very limited durability and a short life span.  That's why pine wood needs to be treated with special preservatives to increase its durability and extend its lifespan.  When individuals want to use pine wood for their next project, they prefer to work with ACQ treated pine because of the following:
  • It's highly resistant to decay rot and insects
  • It's easy to use on any outdoor application
  • It has an extended lifespan due to the ACQ

Pine treated with ACQ is the choice for many who want highly durable, long lasting wood

Many people are skeptical to use pine because of its short life span.  However, pine that is treated with ACQ is much different than untreated pine.  When you are using treated pine for your next project, you won't know the difference because of the following:

  • It's easy to work with
  • It has increased durability
  • It's naturally attractive
  • It's long-lasting
  • It's less hazardous to the environment
  • It's highly resistant to decay

Speak with one of our decking specialist to learn more about ACQ treated pine

Whether you want to use treated pine for your deck, pool, or outside patio, you can feel great knowing that you have a natural, durable, treated pine that can last for many years to come!  Treated pine extends its lifespan and protects it from insect and fungi attack. At San Antonio Wholesale Lumber, we have a wide selection of ACQ treated pine for you to choose from.  Give one of our treated pine specialists a call and find out how ACQ treated wood can help your next wood decking project last a lifetime!

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