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  western red cedar

western red cedar

western red cedar

western red cedar

western red cedar


Western Red Cedar

This Pacific Northwest wood is primarily used for roofing, fence posts, interior and exterior finishes and much more. This western wood is considered one of the most beautiful woods in the Pacific Northwest due to its beautiful red color. The wood from this red cedar tree is highly durable, insect resistant and can last more than a lifetime.

Western Red Cedar

These type of red cedar trees are part of the Cypress family and are native to the pacific region. These Pacific Northwest trees stand about 50-75 meters tall. Red cedar  trees are known as the "cornerstone of the northwest Indian culture". These beautiful and tall Western  trees did more than produce wood.  Many Native American tribes thought the cedar tree was a symbol of power, they often referred to it as Tree of life, Life Giver, and some tribes even referred to themselves as People of the Cedar.   

western red cedarThe tribes would usually gather around the cedar for ceremonies, meetings, and meditation. Indian tribes also used this durable tree for their everyday lifestyle. They enjoyed clothing, shelter, weapons, tools, transportation, and art, all provided by this type of red cedar tree. Some tribes made eccentric totem poles out of the wood for tribal use.  However, this particular type of wood was mostly recognized because many tribes built canoes out of the wood as a form of transportation. Today this type of red cedar wood is used by many. This western wood is used as food storage containers, baking fish, and is even used for making saunas.

Discover the Many Benefits of Using this Beautiful Wood

Ask any builder why they use this beautiful western red wood for their projects, and you may have to stay for dinner. The benefits of this insect resistance red cedar wood are endless. While there are many reasons to use this durable western wood, most builders and outdoor workers will agree that:

  • It has  a natural beautiful red color
  • It  has a beautiful aroma
  • It's  easy to work with by hand or machine
  • It's  lightweight , which makes it easy to transport and move from place to place
  • It's very low maintenance

This Pacific Northwest western wood is one of the most durable woods in the world.  It's naturally resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage. In fact, this type of red cedar produces two extractives, Thujaplicans and water soluble phenolics, which make it even more durable over time. As the western wood ages, these two powerful agents increase the strength of the wood and make it even more resistant to wood damaging agents. In fact, this type of red cedar wood is known to have a life span of up to 1,000 years!  However, it's highly advisable to pressure treat this beautiful wood if it is going to be exposed to extreme conditions (high rainfalls, dramatic weather changes, etc).  By pressure treating the red cedar, it will preserve the wood and make it last a lifetime.

Western Red Cedar Challenges

Surprisingly, this beautiful red wood is very easy to work with. Whether you are finishing this wood by hand or machine, you can expect easy sawing, gluing and nailing when using this wood for decking. However, when working with this type of wood, sharp cutters work best.  This red beauty is also easy to mill, and has excellent screwing and nailing capabilities. Even though dermatitis is rare when working with this beautiful wood, it's highly advisable that you take necessary precautions to avoid allergic reactions. Some allergic reactions occur when the wood is sawed, and you inhale sawdust. That's why it's very important to wear protective masks and gloves when dealing with this type of wood, or any other type of decking wood.

Important Facts About Western Red Cedar
Scientific name:  Thuja Plicata
Other names: Pacific red cedar, giant cedar, cedar
Region:  Pacific Northwest, USA, Canada  
Color:  The color varies from dark reddish to pinkish
Durability:  Highly resistant to termites and wood borers
Grain: Straight
Texture: Uniform
Common uses:  Roofing (shingles,), Fences, Saunas, Arbors, Siding

When it comes to choosing this western wood for your next project, you want something durable, easy to work with, and that can last a long time.  This durable and beautiful western wood is the perfect type of wood for your interior and exterior projects. Whether you are using this fiery beauty for roofing, or an outside patio, you can rest assured that San Antonio Wholesale Lumber can provide you with the best quality Western Red Cedar at a price that matches your budget.

Contact us today!  We have a wide variety of Western Red Cedar and other exotic decking woods to choose from.  Our decking experts are ready to assist you and will answer all of your questions about cedar and other types of red decking woods. 
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western red cedar
western red cedar
western red cedar

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